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thls kind of hose should be used for carrying high pressureliquid of construction machines, crane carrier. metallurgy and forging machines. mining equipment, boats and ships,plastic machines,agricultrual machines, tool  machines and other automation systems. the hoses permit carrying mediums such as hydraulic oil, heavy fuel, lubricant, air,water basic liquid (except castor oil and ester liquid).mediums temperature: -40'c~ 100'c.

hydraulic hose


1 .rubber layers are made of special synthetic rubber. it possesses acharacteristic of oil-resistant  heat resistant and aging-resistant.
2.the hoses can wlthstand hlgh prassure. undar impulse the hoseperform very well.
3.when the hose is under impulse, pressure the body of the hoseremains firm, wlth mini form changes occurring.
4.1he hose also has excellent flexibility and failgue endurancecharacteristics.
5.operallon  ramperature: -40c 100c when  workingtemperature over 100 will reduation the service life of hose.

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